Phrasal Verbs Round I

Phrasal Verbs Round I
Phrasal Verbs Round I

1: GO ON = happen

  • What’s going on?
  • There’s a class going on at the moment.
  • What went on last night?

2: PICK UP = get something or someone from a place

  • I picked up my brother from the airport.
  • Please pick up some bread.
  • Would you come and pick me up from work tonight?

3: COME BACK = return to a place (the speaker is in that place)

  • She came back around 10pm last night.
  • When will you come back from France?
  • Please come back! It’s boring here without you.

4: COME UP WITH = produce an idea

  • Julie came up with a great idea.
  • He came up with an answer to the question very quickly.
  • Can you come up with a better solution?

5: GO BACK = return to a place (the speaker isn’t in that place)

  • He finished his work and went back to his flat.
  • When is she planning to go back to Japan?
  • I’ll go back to the library later.

6: FIND OUT = get information

  • Can you find out what time the restaurant opens?
  • I found out that we need to submit our essays next Tuesday.
  • I don’t know what the weather forecast is for tomorrow, but I’ll find out.

7: COME OUT = appear from a place

  • She came out of the kitchen.
  • He went to the cafe and came out with a coffee.
  • Please come out of the bedroom.

8: GO OUT = go to an event / restaurant / pub / party

  • Let’s go out for dinner.
  • You’re going out a lot these days.
  • We should go out more.

9: POINT OUT = show / mention

  • She pointed out the beautiful paintings on the walls.
  • Please point out to the students that they must attend all the lectures.
  • ‘We’ll miss the bus if we don’t hurry’, he pointed out.

10: GROW UP = become an adult

  • I grew up in Scotland.
  • My children are growing up too fast!
  • When will he grow up?

11: SET UP = create / arrange

  • I need to set up a new bank account.
  • She’s decided to set up her own company.
  • I set up some language classes at the school.

12: TURN OUT = in the end we discover

  • The maid turned out to have stolen the money.
  • He turned out to be a friend of Alex’s.
  • The party turned out to be a big success.

13: GET OUT = leave a room / building / car

  • I need to get out of the house!
  • She got out of the car and went into the shop.
  • Get out! There’s a fire in the kitchen!

14: COME IN / INTO = enter (the speaker is in that place)

  • Please come in! It’s great to see you.
  • She came into the living room and sat down.
  • Don’t come in! I’m not ready yet!

15: TAKE ON = to be responsible for

  • He’s going to take on the new project.
  • She isn’t taking on any new students at the moment.
  • Could you take on some extra work?

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