The Past Perfect Continuous

Here’s how to make the past perfect continuous. It’s ‘had’ + been (the past participle of ‘be’)+ verb-ing

Firstly, let’s look at the positive form:

  • I had been living
  • You had been going
  • She had been sleeping
  • He had been working
  • It had been raining
  • We had been studying
  • They had been cooking

The short form is: ‘d been verb-ing. Be careful, because the short form for ‘would’ is also ‘d. However, ‘would’ is always followed by the infinitive, but ‘had’ is followed by the past participle.

Next, the negative form:

  • I had not been trying (I hadn’t been..)
  • You had not been working (you hadn’t been..)
  • She had not been crying (she hadn’t been..)
  • He had not been shopping (he hadn’t been..)
  • It had not been snowing (it hadn’t been..)
  • We had not been reading (we hadn’t been..)
  • They had not been running (they hadn’t been..)

It’s pretty easy to make the question too.

‘Yes / no’ questions:

  • Had I been working?
  • Had you been sleeping?
  • Had she been reading?
  • Had he been watching TV?
  • Had it been raining?
  • Had we been drinking?
  • Had they been eating?

‘Wh’ questions:

  • Where had I been working?
  • How long had you been sleeping?
  • What had she been reading?
  • How long had he been watching TV?
  • How long had it been raining?
  • What had we been drinking?
  • Why had they been eating?

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