The present perfect continuous tense

Also called the present perfect progressive

How good are you at the Present Perfect Continuous tense? It’s not a very common tense, and often it’s not taught in classes, but we do use it sometimes and it’s very good to know how to make it, and to recognise it when other people use it.

The present perfect continuous tense

Luckily, it’s very easy to make. Here’s the positive (it’s the present perfect of ‘be’ + verb -ing):

Positive Positive Short Form
I have been walkingI‘ve been walking
you have been runningyou‘ve been running
he has been cookinghe‘s been cooking
she has been swimmingshe‘s been swimming
it has been rainingit‘s been raining
we have been studyingwe‘ve been studying
they have been sleepingthey‘ve been sleeping

Can you guess how to make the question form of the present perfect continuous? It’s not very difficult – just put ‘have’ or ‘has’ before the subject:

‘Yes / No’ Questions
have I been walking?
have you been running?
has he been cooking?
has she been swimming?
has it been raining?
have we been studying?
have they been sleeping?
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For ‘wh’ questions put the question word first:

‘Yes / No’ Questions
what have I been doing?
where have you been running?
what has he been studying?
why has she been working today?
how long has it been raining?
how long have we been watching this film?
how long have they been living here?

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