WP academies is a group of centers dedicated to the teaching of the English language.

We are located in the Aljarafe and with nearly two decades of experience, we are still extending.

In our centers we make our students feel the need to open borders through the language, and culture.

We have students from the age of 3 to adults and from complete beginners to proficiency level.
We have a lot of different levels, each level have its own syllabus, materials and objectives. We have a maximum of ten students in classes apart from adults which have a maximum of eight.
Parents are given reports on the progress of their children ( also by email ).

We need teachers, both Native and Spanish, with open and friendly mind with a commitment to what they do and the ability to give lively and interesting classes. We offer a very pleasant work atmosphere. With the help of our veteran teachers and the affection towards a job that we love. For these reasons, our small business is so very endearing and we transmit that feeling to our students.

It is a part time job (from 16.00 to 21.00) from Monday to Friday, although there is an increasing amount of morning work. Duties include lesson planning, report writing, parent’s and teacher’s meetings.

If you’re the kind of teacher who enjoys a rewarding and well done job, then contact us and become a part of the best team in the teaching industry Walton Palmer.

Looking for to hearing from you.